For more than a decade, TGaS Advisors has been helping commercial operations leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry determine how to resource their objectives, and we often hear the question, "Who do other companies use when they need help?" To address this question, your clients have traditionally had to rely on anecdotes from colleagues—until now...

Introducing TGaS Vendor Insights

TGaS has created a formal, objective new service, TGaS Vendor Insights, for both biopharma companies and their service providers (consultants, ad agencies, software and data providers, etc.).

TGaS Vendor Insights provides an online directory of vendors like you, along with ratings and reviews of your services across business functions from your clients. Don't wait for prospective clients to send you a request for information—now you can get your profile,  and your advocates' opinion of your services, in front of key budget holders any time!

Be part of your current and future clients' winning hand

We are inviting you to complete your online profile and secure ratings from your advocates at no cost to you.

The benefits to you:

  • Capitalize on free marketing to put your best foot forward to people who matter. Be featured in a comprehensive directory used by budget holders (procurement, commercial operations and commercial groups) to build awareness of the products and services you offer.
  • Create an unbiased profile that YOU  build, maintain and keep current. Your profile can evolve as your business evolves—in real time. Don't wait for the next round of RFI's to correct out-to-date information. Now your clients will have the correct information any time they need it.
  • Give your advocates a platform to tell others how special you are. Invite your satisfied clients to share ratings and reviews to give prospective clients confidence in your performance.
The highest rated vendors in each category will win the coveted Vendor of the Year award.