Decisions about your vendor selection shouldn't be a gamble.

TGaS Advisors research shows that even the smallest companies will spend over $100 million with key vendors over the next few years, including data providers, software tools, consultants and ad agencies. But they continue to wonder if they are getting the best performance from their vendors, or if a different vendor could do better. Why? Because there is no objective set of data to compare their experiences to—companies have only anecdotes and their own experiences to judge by. They need an industry-wide perspective for comparison.

TGaS Vendor Insights provides the biopharma industry with a comprehensive set of peer ratings for vendors (consultants, ad agencies, software and data providers, etc) across business functions with vendor profiles, commentary and more. This new service is designed to help you optimize your engagement with your current vendors and get the best value and quality when selecting a new vendor.


Components of TGaS Vendor Insights

  • Internal satisfaction with your current vendors, and areas for improvement
  • Peer ratings of each vendor in the benchmark, as well as peer commentary on their experiences
  • Client Connect service, helping connect you with peers who have used the vendors you are considering