Benchmark Against Peers and Identify Ways to Bridge Performance Gaps

Areas of Focus

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Field Medical
  • Managed Markets

Areas of Focus

  • Organizational structure
  • Strategy
  • Budget
  • Role-based competencies
  • L&D capabilities
  • Curricula
  • Learning technology
  • Stakeholder alignment


Global & U.S. Learning Pharmastance® Benchmark: A detailed comparative analysis against a peer set of your resources, processes, capabilities and organizational strategies with advisory insights, recommendations and stakeholder perspectives on what’s working and what’s not.

Needs Analysis: Defines performance requirements (i.e., competencies) for specific roles, assesses how employees are currently measuring up against those requirements and identifies ways to close performance gaps.

Curriculum Analysis: Reviews existing curricula to determine whether or not they prepare employees to successfully perform in their roles.       

Training Innovation and Learning Technology Assessment (TILT): Compares and contrasts your current learning technology capabilities, processes, utilization and adoption levels with those of other companies through the use of an in-depth assessment process. Aligns your business needs with a well-defined learning technology strategy and roadmap.

Gamification IndexAnalyzes your organization's ability to bring about change from both a cultural and a structural level to gauge the effort required in a transformation, and ensures coverage from strategy formulation to implementation.

Organization Alignment 360°™: Diagnoses stakeholder and business partner alignment challenges and opportunities; identifies priorities for improving and maintaining alignment and partnerships; and provides opportunity for team and individual action planning.