ICE Dashboards

Ensure the Ongoing Health of Your IC Investment

The ability to effectively communicate incentive compensation (IC) plan performance to stakeholders is critical to driving stakeholder engagement and understanding. Knowledgeable and engaged stakeholders are more satisfied and partner more closely with incentive teams leading to better outcomes. Incentive Compensation Excellence (ICE) Dashboards consolidate IC results into a single page that is easily understood by stakeholders. Using the TGaS® Advisors experience with IC we have collected the leading indicators of IC plan health and deliver them to our clients on a monthly basis.

Key Areas

IC plan performance reporting

Areas of Focus

A comprehensive suite of services to ensure the ongoing health of your IC investment


Monthly dashboards that include the following:

  • IC dynamics assessment
  • Performance distribution analysis
  • Territory, district and regional analysis to uncover structural issues
  • IC design review
  • Fairness testing