Commercial Analytics & Insights

Transform Commercial Analytics and Insights Capabilities to Drive Commercial Value

The Environment

Increased complexity of markets and customers amplifies mandate for strategic and insightful partnership

Our Focus

Benchmarking and world-class best practices supporting 7 core analytic functions:


Primary Market Research

Advanced/Predictive Analytics

Performance Analyses/Reporting

Payer/Managed Markets Analytics

Competitive Intelligence


Business Development & Licensing Analytics

Our Approach

The Commercial Analytics & Insights benchmark process evaluates the core analytic functions in the broader context of analytics enablement and organizational 'climate' supporting analytic endeavors.

The Value of Benchmarking

TGaS Advisors provides strategies to achieve world class best practices powered through optimization of internal resources and external enabling partnerships

Assess the 'health' and effectiveness of collaborative relationships and matrix interdependencies...

  • Within and across functions
  • Alignment with stakeholder or business needs
  • In course of touchpoints and governance with extended team (e.g., regional/country management teams)

Uncover funding or personnel resource gaps and allocation opportunities across...

  • Line and supporting functions
  • Lifecycle stages (inline/marketed, pre-launch, emerging)

Identify best practices vis-a-vis industry peers, and where appropriate, ex-industry...


Ascertain resident capabilities core strengths and gaps...


Gauge adequacy of decision-support systems based upon current and future needs...


Inform organizational design or structural considerations...