Omnichannel Marketing

How Are You Engaging and Marketing Across Channels?

TGaS Advisors provides an unbiased, objective view of performance and industry trends to help you answer key business questions.

Areas of Focus

  • Analysis of current programs to identify underperforming areas or areas of opportunity 
  • Insight and recommendation to help your organization optimize resource allocation across marketing functions and spend
  • Actionable guidance around the tactical and financial performance of programs
  • Industry thought leadership to help organizations identify new was to engage patients and physicians


Investment and Performance Benchmark Services
Leveraging TGaS' priority database of more than 400 prescription brands, we are able to analyze program spend and performance to help identify both tactical adjustments as well as long term planning. The analysis targets comparable brands based on patient population, lifecycle stage and other key factors to ensure an accurate comparison. Leveraging fact-based data, the benchmarks provide: 

  • Comparison of channel and overall investment to a peer set
  • Analysis of all major tactics and assets for physicians and consumers:
    • Website
    • Mobile
    • Banner/Display
    • Paid/Organic Search
    • Email
    • In-office Programs
  • Evaluation and recommendations for in-market digital activities to help optimize your digital campaigns

Brand Marketing Organization Benchmark

What talent, functions, and foundational structure set some brands apart from the rest? How do you plan for future indications, new products and sunsetting mature products in the future? The Brand Marketing Organization benchmark helps Business Unit leaders optimize today’s marketing structure and align for future success. The Brand Marketing Organization benchmark:

  • Assesses in-line brand functions, structure and headcount against a like peer set of companies
  • Defines franchise marketing capabilities, tailored to unique needs of individual organizations
  • Outlines inter-relationships, competencies and capabilities for the next generation of pharmaceutical brand marketers
  • Provides a phased recommendation for 'next new hire' and the evolution of the brand marketing organization for life sciences organizations

Marketing Centers of Expertise Benchmark

Because digital marketing media and development investments comprise half of the non-TV investment in media across the industry, all but a few large- and mid-tier companies have centers of expertise (COEs) that provide centralized, standardized approaches to these efforts across the portfolio. TGaS Advisors benchmarks resources, capabilities and processes to provide insights and recommendations to move your organization forward, for COEs at any stage. Coupled with our Organization Alignment 360, COE leaders have a holistic view of how their organization compares to industry best practices and how internal customers' needs are being met.

Forming and Newly Formed COEs

  • Aligning vision to resources and budget to company structure
  • Establishing key metrics of success and quick wins
  • Baselining organizational approach vs industry

Growing/Evolving COEs

  • Measuring success through performance and stakeholder feedback
  • Channel, budget and headcount recommendations
  • Capabilities benchmarking

Maturing/Shifting COEs

  • Process and infrastructure improvements
  • Realignment of vision and resources
  • Evolving needs of industry, organization and customer

Analytics and Insights Dashboard

With an increase focus on data and analytics, organizations are focused on understanding how the marketing spend influences a user. TGaS' unique approach of measuring tactical performance and overlaying peer set activity is unparalleled in the industry. The proprietary dashboards allow you to:

  • No only understand tactical performance month over month, but see how the performance compares to your peers
  • Consolidate disparate data sources to understand the collective influence of programs on a customer set
  • Interactive dashboard to allow you to get immediate answers to your questions without involving additional resources
  • Focus on specific areas of need or importance for your business via customizable reports
  • Combine various vendor reports into a holistic view of all activity to provide a single version of the truth

Organization Alignment 360

Internal clients and partners are as critical to success as patients and physicians are. The Organization Alignment 360 identifies strengths, weaknesses and perceptions between internal stakeholders to help improve collaboration, alignment and delivery. The noninvasive view helps you understand:

  • What are your internal customers saying about you?
  • What is your team saying about internal customers?
  • According to business partners, how effective are you?
  • According to our teams, how well do our business partners support our efforts?
  • What is working/not working?
  • What priority actions can be taken to achieve our mutual goals?