Executive Commercial Operations Benchmark

Make The Most of Your Consolidated Organization

Leverage the benefits of high-level benchmarking of current resources and structure at the departmental level to advance your business. Learn from your peers at large, mid-tier and emerging life sciences companies and from TGaS® expert advisors.

Areas of Focus

Summary information at the macro department level for functions typically found in commercial operations:

  • Marketing Operations (medical/legal/regulatory review, agency management, promotion materials management, meetings and conventions, speaker program management)
  • Commercial Analytics and Insights (primary marketing research, secondary data performance analyses and reporting, advanced and predictive analytics, forecasting, competitive intelligence)
  • Digital and Multichannel Marketing
  • Field Operations
  • Learning & Development


  • Detailed comparative analysis of resources, processes, capabilities and organizational strategies with insights and recommendations
  • Stakeholder and staff perspectives on what's working/what's not working
  • Insight and recommendations to move your organization forward