Commercial Operations Landscapes

"How Should the Industry Do 'It'?"

Topical benchmarks and forward-looking studies are undertaken and customized to support client priorities. These landscape studies draw on information from the full network of companies.

Areas of Focus

Topical benchmark initiatives customized to reflect your position vis-à-vis your peers or to support your priorities.


TGaS creates landscape studies covering a broad spectrum of topics across all key areas of the commercial and commercial operations space. Example topics TGaS has explored:

Annual State & Future Trends of Commercial Operations
A comprehensive review of how biopharmaceutical companies manage their commercial operations resources and needs in the current market.

Launch Excellence—Beyond the Playbook
How biopharmaceutical companies can ensure that launch excellence is woven into the fabric of commercial activities.

Commercial Operations Organizational Structure Evolution
How biopharmaceutical companies are organized today and how we see these structures evolving.

Creating Compelling Value Propositions
How biopharmaceutical companies successfully develop and integrate value propositions.