Commercial Operations Integration & Transformation

Manage Transformation Effectively

Is your business undergoing a merger, reorganization or other major transformation? TGaS® Advisors has experienced advisors and a deep database of best practices that can help you and your team make decisions that ensure business success.

Key Areas

Significant organizational transformation and integration initiatives across one or more of the following functional areas:

  • Marketing Operations (medical/legal/regulatory review, agency management, promotion materials management, meetings and conventions, speaker program management)
  • Commercial Analytics and Insights (primary marketing research, secondary data performance analyses and reporting, advanced and predictive analytics, forecasting, competitive intelligence)
  • Digital and Multichannel Marketing
  • Field Operations
  • Learning & Development


  • Resource and capabilities assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Structure and resourcing scaling based on anticipated changes in company portfolio, complexity and priorities
  • Strategic options
  • Best practices alignment
  • Post-integration or change planning
  • Department strategy mapping and business planning
  • Commercial process creation and improvement