Medical Affairs

Give Medical Affairs Leaders the Data and Best Practices They Need for Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs practice provides benchmarking, advisory and membership services to life sciences companies. Our goal is to provide Medical Affairs leaders with data and best practices to enable evidence-based operational decision-making.

Areas of Focus

  • Leadership/Management: Organization, structure, resourcing, compliance, training and performance
  • Medical Affairs Strategy: Coordinated Medical Affairs strategic and tactical plans, lifecycle management and launch execution
  • Medical Communications: Scientific communications, including publications, slide presentations and standard response documents; medical information
  • External Engagement: MSL/field teams, KOL relationship management, professional and patient organizations, CME, grants, investigator-sponsored trials (ISTs)
  • Internal Stakeholder Support: Internal Medical Affairs support for marketing, sales, market access, HEOR and clinical


  • Membership Services - Information and advice from experts and peers (available to members of the TGaS Advisors Client Network during any benchmark engagement or under special arrangement).
  • ¬≠Detailed comparative analysis of resources, processes, capabilities and organizational strategies with insights and recommendations
  • Stakeholder and staff perspectives on what's working/what's not working
  • Insights and recommendations to move your organization forward


  • Obtain access to current industry data and best practices that can help you:
    • Make evidence-based decisions to drive continuous improvement in the organization
    • Establish a baseline and/or ongoing assessment of your function's capabilities relative to the industry
    • Substantiate budget/resource requests and navigate organizational changes
    • Identify opportunities for greater efficiency/productivity, cost savings, and innovation
    • Mitigate risk and improve compliance
    • Achieve "indispensable business partner" status with internal stakeholders
  • Unlimited access and ongoing support to provide you fact-based advice and assist with urgent requests
  • Connect you with industry peers/leaders for discussions on specific topics of interest