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Digital & Multichannel Marketing

How Are You Managing Marketing Across Channels?

Key Areas

All aspects of digital marketing teams and processes

Areas of Focus

  • Ensure your brand or organization's marketing approach is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Consider overlooked areas of opportunity
  • Optimize resource allocation across marketing functions and media spend
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance


Marketing Investment Benchmark
Using our database of budgets from more than 400 brands, we choose a subset of comparable brands based on size of patient population, lifecycle stage and other key characteristics. From that we can provide benchmarks for:

  • Overall investment
  • Team size
  • Tactical mix and investment

Digital Marketing Benchmarking & Analysis

Analysis is across all major digital marketing assets and investments for HCP and consumer

  • Website/Mobile
  • Banner/Display
  • Paid Search
  • Email
  • Digital Sales Aids

Digital & Multichannel Marketing Centers of Expertise Benchmark

Because digital marketing media and development investments comprise half of the non-TV investment in media across the industry, all but a few large- and mid-tier companies have centers of expertise (COEs) that provide centralized, standardized approaches to these efforts across the portfolio. TGaS Advisors benchmarks resources, capabilities and processes to provide insights and recommendations to move your organization forward, for COEs at any stage. 

Forming and Newly Formed COEs

  • Aligning vision to resources and budget to company structure
  • Establishing key metrics of success and quick wins
  • Baselining organizational approach vs industry

Growing/Evolving COEs

  • Measuring success through performance and stakeholder feedback
  • Channel, budget and headcount recommendations
  • Capabilities benchmarking

Maturing/Shifting COEs

  • Process and infrastructure improvements
  • Realignment of vision and resources
  • Evolving needs of industry, organization and customer