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Industry Landscape Presentations & Reports

Helping Leaders See Clearly

As They Build Their Commercial Capabilities

Our Industry Landscape Presentations & Reports are designed to provide a comprehensive view on specific topics and provide practical information that can immediately be integrated into strategies. These reports help our clients "look around" so they can see clearly to build the right Commercial Operations strategy. Each landscape report:

  • Combines facts and data from our proprietary benchmarking studies
  • Includes insights and actionable recommendations gathered from live discussions and research with your peers
  • Is accessible online and delivered by an expert TGaS® Advisor

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Featured Reports

Outsourcing in Contract Management

This report will help companies build a solid business case for a potential outsourcing strategy and offers insight on how to best structure and execute the strategy.

Outsourcing: The Use of Alternative Resources in Insights & Analytics Functions

This report describes how outsourcing strategies are helping insights & analytics leaders build capabilities in a constrained resource environment. 

The 6th Annual State of Incentive Compensation

The benchmark study is a must-have report for anyone managing incentive compensation in the biopharmaceutical industry. Whether your company runs its own sales force or outsources to a vendor, this report provides answers, context and options for dozens of critical decisions that need to be made each year.

Success Factors For Centralizing and Integrating Data

The report is a must have reference for anyone implementing, adapting or considering a move to centralized data warehousing in pharma. It explores issues related to storage, access and integration of promotional and customer marketing program data. It is rich with information about resources, scope and utility of solutions being developed.

Future Issues in Managed Markets

This benchmark study provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges that Managed Markets leaders are facing and offers insight on new strategies that are being developed to deal with the increasingly aggressive payer environment.

Managed Markets and Organized Customer Groups: An Environmental Scan

How are pharmaceutical companies changing strategies to adapt to new organized customer groups (OCGs)? This report illuminates how the shift to value-based reimbursement is accelerating and requiring Key Account Managers to identify, access and engage OCGs on multiple levels to effectively navigate these complex and evolving systems.

Innovative Contracting

Given the changing healthcare landscape, the increasing complexity of the biopharmaceutical marketplace and the shift away from fee-for-service to a value-driven reimbursement model, many companies are evaluating their overall contracting approach. This is a forward-looking report that examines this trend and offers valuable insight on risk-sharing agreements and outcomes-based contracting strategies across the industry.

Create Compelling Payer Value Propositions

This landscape benchmark study lays out a methodical approach for improving value proposition development and integration. The report summaries key findings from industry leaders and backs up its recommendations with data. With increasing competition and payer restraints, it is key to have this roadmap for value proposition development, which encompasses pre-clinical stages through launch and reevaluation.

The Current and Future State of Insights and Analytics

This report reviews how departments are transforming in response to continued resource constraints and identifies key external and internal forces shaping the future of insights and analytics.