March 10, 2020

Trinity Life Sciences Monitors Coronavirus Impact on Biopharm Operations

WALTHAM, Mass. March 10, 2020. Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences solutions, is launching an ongoing advisory program that will monitor the affects of the novel coronavirus on biopharmaceutical companies operations. The advisory is based on the feedback from surveyed pharmaceutical companies in the TGaS network, a division of Trinity.

Some of the immediate results show that 100 percent of biopharmaceutical companies participating in the survey say they have travel restrictions in place. Eleven out of 15 companies report that only essential travel is being approved, five out of 15 are barring international travel and two of the 15 have a policy that employees are not allowed to travel to CDC level three countries. Currently, only one of the 15 has limited vendor access to company locations.

Sales reps are beginning to feel the impact of the virus with nine of the 15 companies indicating that their sales force is beginning to face access issues. Two of the companies surveyed have already made changes to planned call activity.

“Biopharmaceutical companies are not the only ones making immediate changes to their policies and operations. For example, some large payers intend to waive co-pays related to testing for the coronavirus,” said Gary McWalters, President of TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity. “In some cases, payers are requiring manufacturers to provide information regarding product sourcing, safety stock levels and any concerns regarding continuity of supply.”

The ongoing advisory is available to all members of the TGaS Life Sciences Network, which offers benchmarking and advisory services to emerging, pre-commercial and large life sciences companies.

Media can request access to findings in the advisory by contacting Liz Marshall,