December 11, 2015

TGaS Insights: Biopharma Sales Operations Stabilizing After Years of Cost-Cutting

E. Norriton, Penn., December 11, 2015. The biopharmaceutical sales operations rollercoaster ride appears to have leveled off, according to TGaS Advisors. A recent TGaS Commercial Operations Landscape Study shows that operations teams’ efforts to absorb change and new capabilities while reducing levels of overall investment have stabilized. (See graphic.) Findings also point to the need for sales operations to evolve more rapidly than ever to stay ahead of continuing changes in the pharmaceutical landscape.

TGaS research across its network of more than 50 pharmaceutical companies shows that investment is being driven by the shifting landscape of specialty sales forces, new data sources and the changing influence of customer types.

“Sales Operations departments are not just investing in more of the same activities. They have had to adjust and will continue to do so,“ said Curt Staab, a Management Advisor at TGaS. “The rapidly evolving industry has increased the level of complexity for sales operations teams, which impacts how sales teams are resourced and incentivized as well as how data is managed and reported.”

TGaS Insights, a division of the benchmarking and advisory services firm, is releasing the findings of four TGaS Sales Operations Landscape Reports designed to help leaders make better, faster decisions. They are based on the experience of a broad range of large, mid tier and emerging pharmaceutical companies. The newly issued Landscape Reports cover four key aspects of sales operations, providing comparative intelligence and actionable data based on the findings. 

Sales Resource Deployment Industry Landscape: How do biopharmaceutical companies deploy field reps to maximize company performance?

Trends in Master Data Management and Governance: How do biopharmaceutical companies manage their data and ensure it is used effectively?

Sales Reporting Landscape: How do biopharmaceutical companies maximize the value of field reports throughout the organization?

Incentive Compensation Industry Landscape: How do biopharmaceutical companies successfully deploy and manage their compensation plans?

For more information about these reports please contact Todd Press,, or Carrie Lovegrove,

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