October 13, 2016

TGaS Benchmarks its 400th Brand: “How Do Other Pharmaceutical Companies Do ‘It’?”

E. Norriton, Penn., October 13, 2016. TGaS Advisors®, the benchmarking and advisory services firm for commercial organizations, has announced a milestone achievement, with more than 400 pharmaceutical brands profiled in its Brand Assessment Database. This is a landmark for the firm, started in 2004 by Steve Gerard on the strength of a single question, “How do other pharmaceutical companies do ‘it’?® Gerard, now the firm’s CEO, had the dream that commercial organizations would welcome a peer network designed to share “outside-in” fact-based information and advice, led by seasoned industry practitioners.

That dream has been realized, says Gerard. Originating in a small office in Ambler, Penn., TGaS now employs some 60 professionals in a suburban Philadelphia corporate complex, counts more than 75 companies as members and is widely recognized for the depth and breadth of its database and advisory resources for commercial and commercial operations. From a brand perspective, TGaS has evolved from benchmarking website performance for 20 brands to establishing a detailed database of performance and promotional spend for more than 400.

“Since TGaS was founded, the only constant has been change,” notes Gerard. “Driven by mergers and acquisitions, patent expirations, a focus on oncology and immunotherapy and a move away from the ‘blockbuster’ model, every aspect of commercialization has had to evolve and adapt.” TGaS evolved with the industry, going from a few client companies in Sales Operations to today’s broad roster of pharmaceutical and emerging companies across multiple solution.

Gerard cites other milestones barely imaginable a decade ago. “We’ve gone from a dearth of commercial support to a wealth of information and expertise, precisely what biotechs and startups need most right now.” The result is a new outreach to these firms through the affiliate Emerging Life Sciences Network (elsN). Gerard notes that “elsN members downloaded more than a thousand reports through our TGaS Insights Portal in the third quarter alone.”

The Launch Excellence Advisory Database (LEAD), a suite of more than 20 modules guiding each step of the launch process, is the newest manifestation of operational support. According to Gerard, “LEAD is the latest example of how TGaS seeks to meet each era’s commercial needs.” The modules were developed in response to TGaS research showing that more than 80% of emerging company executives report difficulties scaling for launch, and 67% rate emerging companies as “barely prepared” for the process. “LEAD definitely hit a nerve,” according to Gerard.

“We will keep innovating in response to customer needs,” says the founder. Based on a decade of expertise, TGaS has even changed its foundational question to “How should other pharmaceutical companies do ‘it’?” Stay tuned, says Gerard. “The best is yet to come.”

About TGaS Advisors

TGaS Advisors is the leading benchmarking and advisory services firm for commercial organizations in the life sciences industry. With a roster of top 50, emerging and precommercial life sciences companies, TGaS provides robust comparative intelligence and collaborative network membership services. The team includes more than 60 experienced professionals, most with senior level experience in the life sciences and related industries.