August 01, 2017

TGaS Advisors’ Donna Wray Named to “PharmaVOICE 100 Most Inspiring in Life Sciences”

E. Norriton, Penn., August 1, 2017.  Donna Wray, TGaS Advisors vice president and head of the benchmarking and advisory services firm’s Digital and Multichannel Marketing (DMCM) practice, has been named to the 13th Annual “PharmaVOICE 100 Most Inspiring” roster. Wray appears in the publication’s July/August issue along with other leaders nominated by their peers for their positive impact on improving healthcare across the life sciences continuum. Honorees will also be recognized at a special celebration in New York on September 14.

An industry veteran, Wray joined TGaS in 2007 with a mandate to develop the firm’s first digital marketing practice. DMCM has supported brands and groups in more than 40 of the top 50 pharma companies and many smaller ones. Each year DMCM fields a “Best of Benchmark” contest for the most effective Consumer and Health Care Professional (HCP) digital marketing performance across the industry. The contest, judged according to TGaS standards of blinded, confidential studies, is the only industry award to use verified quantitative performance as the measure.

Wray sees effective patient communications as key to the success of MCM efforts in pharma. On a quest to explore how companies can reinvent the way they speak to patients, she recently hosted a roundtable discussion on the topic. Her goal is to get away from what she terms the “legalese” of pharma to make communications more accessible and understandable to today’s patient population, while still adhering to the legalities. Wray has created a workshop to educate marketers about the issue, plus the many free resources and research available, and she is a member of the Health Literacy Initiative of PMRG, a healthcare marketing research professional association.

TGaS President Gary McWalters said, “Donna is a true innovator. She cares deeply about patients, clients, her TGaS colleagues, family and community. Donna is always wondering ‘what good looks like,’ as we say at TGaS, and always questioning how we can do better, whether it’s work, healthcare, family or the wider world.”

A long-time client noted, “Through all the ups and downs with our organization’s growth and various career changes of past and current stakeholders, Donna has remained steadfast as a trusted partner who always checked in, shared key insights and held an objective perspective along the way. This behavior is deeply valued and one that I find myself applying when I am in internal consulting situations.”  

Another commented, “Working with Donna is like working with someone who is on your side with your best interests in mind. . .At the same time she wants to raise the entire industry’s multichannel marketing impact.”

A graduate of Bryn Mawr, where she majored in psychology, Wray also holds an MSc in Computer Science at Villanova. She serves on the board of a diabetes non-profit and volunteers for organizations that work on environmental issues.

To view Wray’s profile, visit the July/August 2017 online digital edition of PharmaVOICE at

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