May 15, 2017

TGaS Advisors Awards "BoBs” for Outstanding Pharmaceutical Field Operations Performance

East Norriton, Penn., May 15, 2017. TGaS® Advisors has announced that five pharmaceutical companies have been named winners of the first "BoB" (Best of Benchmark) awards for Field Operations. The awards are based on verified quantitative performance, according to Tom Goga, Vice President and Field Operations Practice Leader for the benchmarking and advisory services firm.

2017 Winners:

CRM/Field Technology: AbbVie
Data Management: Genentech
Incentive Compensation Capabilities: Shire
Resource Deployment (Alignments, Targeting, Call Planning): Astellas
Sales Analytics: Gilead

TGaS President Gary McWalters said, "The 'BoB' Award recognizes high levels of achievement in the commercial operations sector so critical to company success. We salute this year's winners and look forward to expanding recognition in other areas.

The awards are based on benchmarks conducted for life sciences companies considered among the top 35 in the pharmaceutical industry, according to Goga. The methodology includes the use of TGaS' patented PharmaStance® methodology, which allows for capabilities and efficiency (FTEs and Spend) comparisons among a cohort of peer companies. The benchmark data is drawn from a variety of sources, while assessing current state, with an eye on future needs as determined by the clients, Goga explained. Sources include qualitative resource review, output deliverables reports, stakeholder input with feedback interviews and subject matter expert input with feedback interviews. The data collected goes through a standardization, normalization and cohorting process to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison. A capabilities continuum for each functional area focuses on strategy, operations, metrics and improvement in each function included and provides grading in five categories from well below to well above benchmark.

"The 'Best of Benchmark' Award reflects our work with companies to help them compare their Field Operations teams to the best in the industry and align their investments and capabilities with their strategic goals now and in the future," Goga said.

Earlier this year, the benchmarking and advisory services firm's Digital & Multichannel Marketing Practice announced awards for consumer and healthcare professional digital marketing campaign performance.

About TGaS Advisors

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