November 20, 2017

TGaS Advises: Trends and data impacting pharmaceutical commercial operations

E. Norriton, Penn., November 20, 2017. TGaS® Advisors Multichannel Marketing (MCM) Practice, seeking to gauge the effectiveness of biopharmaceutical marketing investment in online channels for healthcare professional (HCP) engagement, found that an average cost per engagement for a healthcare professional is about $57. Many MCM marketers and analysts often bypass leading indicators in favor of more complex, retroactive analyses, says Sue Lipinski, MCM Executive Director. “While there is definite value in attribution modeling, leading indicators should not be ignored,” she explains.

TGaS also wanted to know if the cost of engaging healthcare professionals online is rising and how other metrics may have changed over time. To find the answers, MCM consulted its proprietary database on brands and digital performance and other TGaS studies conducted with industry leaders.

Key Findings

  • Custom media buys and paid search represent about 20% of average brand spend.
  • The cost of engaging HCPs online is not rising dramatically, and have ranged from $57-$85 per engagement for the last three years.
  • Budgets haven't shifted that much over the past three years, and the cost per engagement is actually less thank in 2015.
  • What has shifted: Display impression levels have decreased by 75% since 2013, indicating a shift toward more targeted, customized media and fewer high coverage awareness campaigns.
  • Paid search impression levels and search visitor volume have increased.

Reviewing the findings, Lipinski advises: “Leading diagnostics can help marketers and analysts get an early read on their campaign. Overall, you will want to set up KPIs both at an individual campaign level as well as across campaigns to see how your channels are working both individually and collaboratively.”

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