July 10, 2018

Biopharma Companies Recognize Best Vendor Partners in TGaS Competition

East Norriton, Penn., July 10, 2018. ZS Associates won top honors with the most nominations in the Vendor Partner competition sponsored by TGaS® Advisors, a benchmarking and advisory services firm for pharmaceutical commercial operations. Additional winners were Bell Canyon Consulting for Commercial Analytics & Insights, Qral Group for Field Operations/Incentive Compensation, The Alo Group and Red Nucleus for Learning & Development and Decision Resources Group for Market Access & Reimbursement. These firms received multiple nominations, were nominated in several partnering categories and received an overall average satisfaction rating of 4.0 or higher. Several companies also received Honorable Mentions.

The winners were chosen from among nearly 200 nominations submitted by 70 different biopharma companies. The firm's Vendor Insights solution fielded the competition as a way of recognizing the value suppliers bring to life sciences companies.

This TGaS study was designed to explore the meaning, impact and value of vendor partnership because of the critical role vendors play in commercial success. Current data shows that eight out of every 10 dollars pharma spends to support commercialization is with vendors, an increase of 14% in 10 years.

Analyzing the data, TGaS identified five key recommendations for both pharma companies and vendors to cultivate excellent partnerships. TGaS found that the strongest partners align, plan and execute to outcomes, and they do it on a foundation of listening and responding. "We found it very interesting that responsiveness was correlated with good partnership in just about every way we analyzed the data," said Tim Wohlgemut, who heads TGaS Insights. He summarized key findings about "what good looks like" in the most successful vendors: "True partners are focused on outcomes. They challenge thinking, recommend solutions and are responsive. The great news is that responsiveness is measurable and can be cultivated to achieve better partnerships."

TGaS Vendor Insights, the firm's online vendor management solution, now has more than 7,000 performance ratings for 500-plus vendors categorized across 100 commercial support functions. Vendor Insights provides life sciences companies with a comprehensive set of peer ratings for vendors across virtually all business functions with profiles, commentary and other information. The solution enables access to a deep repository of searchable vendor profiles, including product offerings in each functional area, reach, areas of specialization and utilization information. Users also have access to peers who have used vendors under consideration.

For more information about the competition or about Vendor Insights, contact Tim Wohlgemut, tim.wohlgemut@tgas.com, or visit www.tgas.com/solutions/tgas-vendor-insights.

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