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Article, Commercial Analytics & Insights

November 2019

Four Key Questions About Data Analytics in 2019


By PM360

PM360 asked experts in everything regarding data and analytics how they are dealing with managing the influx of data and the best ways to turn that information into insights. Tim Wohlgemut, SVP New Products & Strategies provides his insights.

Article, Commercial Analytics & Insights

March 2018

Marketing Using Data Analytics


By PharmaVOICE & Contributor Scott Zimmerman, TGaS

Data Analytics are crucial tools for pharma marketers, allowing them to harness the power of both traditional and real-world data. 

Article, Commercial Analytics & Insights

January 2017

Pharma adopts data-science culture in move toward AI



Sharon Getty, Executive Director of Marketing Sciences at TGaS Advisors, provides insights on this topic.

Article, Commercial Analytics & Insights

December 2015

What is the Real Value of Market Research?



With CPG companies experiencing continuing financial challenges, layoffs have begun, including significant numbers in the research function at major corporations. Is healthcare market research insulated from this trend? Anna McClafferty, SVP of Executive Commercial Operations at ...

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