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Article, Market Access & Reimbursement

June 2017

A New Age of Payer Access

Med Ad New

In Med Ad News, Rebecca Villari discusses how manufacturers are responding to increasing pressure to demonstrate value and lower the cost of pharmaceuticals, particularly in today's uncertain health policy environment.

Article, Market Access & Reimbursement

September 2016

4 Steps to Creating Compelling Payer Value Propositions


By Rebecca Villari, VP, Market Access & Reimbursement

The economic buyer has emerged as a key stakeholder in market access. Payer value propositions must include evidence of both clinical and economic benefit that satisfies the needs of the provider from the perspective of improved care and the payer in terms of the total cost of ...

White Paper, Market Access & Reimbursement

November 2012

The Managed Markets Organization: A Function in Transition

By Joe Falcon, EVP, Market Access & Pricing and Contract Management

The TGaS Managed Markets Practice sets out priorities and challenges faced by Managed Markets in working with Brand teams.

Article, Market Access & Reimbursement

October 2012

A Changing Mindset: Managing Managed Markets


By Joe Falcon, EVP, Market Access & Pricing and Contract Management

Joe Falcon is a featured expert in this article about what companies must do going forward to incorporate the payer perspective into brand strategy and demonstrate value from the very beginning.

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