Vice President, Practice Leader & Management Advisor, Medical Affairs

Company Summary

Founded in 2004 to answer the question, "How do other pharmaceutical companies do 'it'?", TGaSĀ® Advisors is a fast-growing management advisory firm that focuses on providing comprehensive benchmarking and advisory solutions to pharmaceutical industry. TGaS utilizes its proprietary NavigatorĀ® benchmarking methodology to provide strategic and tactical advice to pharmaceutical professionals concerning important business decisions and operations. TGaS has been able to rapidly carve out a unique position in the market for its advisory services while creating a breadth and depth to the solutions it provides to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Background for The Opportunity

After considerable validation, TGaS has decided to expand its services to include Medical Affairs. TGaS has been able to achieve its success by delivering innovative solutions to pharmaceutical organizations. Critical to that innovation is the ability to selectively bring in talented and seasoned professionals to share leadership of the growing business. The ideal candidate will be a confident self-starter who looks forward to the challenge of thriving in a small company with a high degree of esprit de corps.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to go through a period of rapid change and evolution TGaS Solutions are in increasing demand. TGaS' Clients are dealing with strategic issues such as:

  • What are the right size, structure and mix of Medical Affairs teams?
  • How do we measure the success of our Medical Affairs efforts?
  • How do we align with our many stakeholders?
  • Have we developed capabilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of the changing pharmaceutical and healthcare landscape? Are we more, or less, capable than our peers where it matters?
  • How are other pharma companies improving and innovating their Medical Affairs capabilities?
  • What does the future of Medical Affairs look like for pharmaceutical companies?

The ideal candidate will be capable of supporting TGaS clients in answering these questions with relevant facts and insights. The nature of TGaS' business requires individuals with significant experience in Medical Affairs and the functions we benchmark either on the client side, vendor side or both.

Position Responsibilities

The Medical Affairs practice area at TGaS Advisors addresses and informs clients' core organizational decisions: strategy, resources, processes, organizational structure, responsibilities, metrics and how to drive continuous improvement. The VP's role includes both managerial and hands-on responsibilities:

Medical Affairs Practice Lead & Product Development (50%)

  • Overall P&L responsibility for the practice.
  • Oversee the research program to meet TGaS standards; including building upon the functional definitions and core services offered for each functional area (e.g. prioritizing research into best practice and benchmarking for MSLs, Publications, Operations, HEOR, Pharmacovigilance, etc.).
  • Generate new business with existing and new clients to meet annual revenue goals through introducing TGaS Solutions or identifying custom project opportunities.
  • Work with the Medical Affairs team and other TGaS practices to build/evolve and innovate services & offerings that will generate improved revenue.
  • Participate in TGaS planning exercises and reports to senior leadership.
  • Manage direct reports and others (engagement manager, analysts) through a matrix reporting relationship. Ensure account ownership.
  • Be fully accountable for the service quality levels across Medical Affairs clients.
  • Generate thought leadership that can be used in "value-forward selling," white papers, and PR.
  • Continue solution development. The candidate will be expected to identify unmet market needs and spearhead the development of new solutions or enhance existing solutions consistent with TGaS' business strategy.
  • Capture key insights and data from the advisory services and review for implementation in the benchmark services.
  • Evolve new deliverable formats to increase the value TGaS brings to the network and to individual clients.

Client Benchmark Engagements and Related Projects (25%)

  • Lead Medical Affairs projects, Benchmarks and Projects at Client sites, including in-depth interviews with senior leadership, executives and stakeholders. Capture quantitative and qualitative client information for TGaS' database and analysis.
  • Prepare benchmark engagement reports summarizing client's resources and capabilities relative to peer set companies and TGaS' best practices.

Advisory Services (25%)

  • Ensure TGaS provides optimal value to clients from contracted Advisory Services; Virtual-How Network surveys (VHNs), Client Summits, and ad hoc questions.
  • Proactively produce a timely flow of valuable client deliverables through the advisory services process, in coordination with TGaS' Analytics/Operations team.
  • Design, develop content for, facilitate and conduct appropriate follow-up activities for semi-annual client summits. This position requires local, regional and national travel approximately (avg.) 25-40% of the time.

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 10 - 15 years in pharmaceutical medical affairs: preferably with both pharma and vendor experience; experience with or for emerging pharma companies setting up their medical affairs department infrastructure is a plus.
  • Advanced degree required. PhD, PharmD, preferred.
  • Flawless presentation skills, especially with C-Level executives.
  • Change management / process analysis skills.
  • A mixture of experience in (or knowledge of) vital Medical Affairs functions including (but not limited to) MSL management, Ad Boards, Educational Grants, Publications and Scientific Communications, Operations, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Information, HEOR, etc.
  • A track record of developing and managing effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • A history of a team orientation and a collaborative approach.
  • Experience in a fast-growing, entrepreneurial environment is preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills, including preparing and delivering formal presentations, verbal and writing skills.
  • High integrity and credibility as perceived by all those with whom he/she will work.

The following traits and characteristics are provided for additional insight into working at TGaS. TGaS professionals are:

  • Passionate about Meeting Client Needs - TGaS does not exist without its clients. Therefore, making a client smile, causing them to wonder, or simply having them be impressed by our insights are our collective passion.
  • Responsible - TGaS associates need to be responsible for their work efforts, as there are rarely layers of people and elaborate processes between you and the client. As such, associates need to have a strong sense of owning what you produce and being accountable for it.
  • Self Starting, Entrepreneurial - TGaS does not operate in a highly regimented office environment. Associates are expected to bring the mindset of a business owner, and in that have the discipline to initiate tasks with Clients and Associates on their own.
  • Organized & Reliable - Associates who are organized and pay attention to details will invariably fit in at TGaS and delight clients. With the degree of multi-tasking required, only an associate who is highly organized will be able to provide value to Clients and be reliable to other associates.
  • At their Best in an Intense Environment - TGaS is neither a 9-to-5 work environment nor a 'sweat-shop'. It is an intense business, best suited for people who are driven to succeed and who have the ability to change gears on a daily basis between solutions and client meetings, between detailed, more mundane tasks and strategic thinking and advisory activities.
  • Authentic - Being honest and direct is critical. TGaS will advance by providing Clients and associates honest feedback in a professional manner.
  • Focused on Achieving Excellence - While not driving perfection to a level of psychosis, associates will seek to make every effort to provide clients and other associates with well thought-out, complete work efforts, developed to the highest standards.
  • Life Long Learners - TGaS professionals have a passion for learning and expanding their knowledge, skills and talents. They especially enjoy learning how a variety of clients strategically and tactically manage their businesses and using this learning to benefit clients.


Compensation and benefits are highly competitive and appropriate to the experience and capabilities of each candidate.

If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume and cover letter, including a statement of interest and experience to Brian Filippini-

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