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Company Summary

Founded in 2004 to answer the question "How do other pharmaceutical companies do 'it'?"

TGaS® Advisors is a fast-growing management advisory firm that focuses on providing comprehensive commercial benchmarking and advisory solutions to pharmaceutical commercial operations. TGaS utilizes its proprietary Navigator® benchmarking methodology to provide strategic and tactical advice to pharmaceutical professionals concerning important business decisions and operations. TGaS also has a number of additional fact-based advice solutions which Clients utilize in making decisions. TGaS has been able to rapidly carve out a unique position in the market for its advisory services while creating a breadth and depth to the solutions it provides to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

TGaS has grown from a single Sales Operation benchmarking solution in 2004 to ten solutions in 2018, increasing the visibility of the firm among senior management in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has received awards for its growth from the Inc 500 Magazine, Philly Fast 100, and other journals. TGaS continues to grow and attributes that growth to innovation and to execution excellence.

Background for the Opportunity

TGaS has been able to achieve its success by delivering innovative solutions to pharmaceutical commercial operations. Critical to that innovation is the ability to selectively bring in talented professionals to share in growing business. The ideal candidate will be a confident self-starter who looks forward to the challenge of thriving in a small company with a high degree of esprit de corps.

TGaS has a talented team of Sales and Account Executives tasked with supporting our 100 plus current clients and generating a steady stream of new business. Their success is contingent upon being supported by a strong team of subject matter experts and operational people. The Service Directors primary role is to coordinate the execution and delivery of benchmarks, projects and standardized support services to clients on time. The candidate will need to coordinate with and work through our SMEs, Ops and SAMs to effectively do the job.

The ideal candidate will have superb organizational skills, be comfortable coordinating with virtually all other TGaSians at all levels, be able to influence without authority and bring an overall positive energy to the role.

Position Responsibilities

This person will report to our SVP Sales and Account Management elsN, but service all our Sales and Account management folks (7 people). Specific responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating multi-solution benchmarks
  • Supporting the execution of Annual Landscape reports and frequent brief topical surveys
  • Pulling together standardized resource assessments
  • Managing our twice a year client summits
  • Other

Candidate Profile

A viable candidate will be an individual with 7 to 10 years of Pharma experience on either the manufacturer or vendor side.

Strong PMO experience is important along with a working knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

Excellent writing and presentation skills are required in this role in addition to a strong attention to detail. Working knowledge of Microsoft office suite including PowerPoint and excel is required.

The following traits and characteristics are provided for additional insight into working at TGaS. TGaS professionals are:

  • Passionate about Meeting Client Needs - TGaS does not exist without its clients. Therefore, making a client smile, causing them to 'wonder', or simply having them be impressed by our insights are our collective passion.
  • Responsible - TGaS associates need to be responsible for their work efforts, as there are rarely 'layers' of people and elaborate processes between you and the Client. As such, associates need to have a strong sense of owning what you produce and being accountable for it.
  • Self-Starting, Entrepreneurial - TGaS does not operate in a highly regimented office environment. Associates are expected to bring the mindset of a "business-owner", and in that have the discipline to initiate tasks with Clients and Associates on their own.
  • Organized & Reliable - Associates who are organized and pay attention to details will invariably fit in at TGaS and delight Clients. With the degree of multi-tasking required, only an associate who is highly organized will be able to provide value to Clients and be reliable to other associates.
  • At their Best in an Intense Environment - TGaS is neither an 8:30-to-5 work environment nor a 'sweat-shop'. It is an intense business, best suited for people who are driven to succeed and who have the ability to "change-gears" on a daily basis between solutions and client meetings, between detailed and strategic thinking and advisory activities.
  • Authentic - Being honest and direct is critical. TGaS will advance by providing Clients and associates honest feedback in a professional manner.
  • Focused on Achieving Excellence - Associates will seek to make every effort to provide Clients and other associates with well thought-out, complete work efforts, developed to achieve highest standards.
  • Life Long Learners - TGaS professionals have a passion for learning and expanding their knowledge, skills and talents. They especially enjoy learning how a variety of Clients strategically and tactically manage their businesses and using this learning to benefit all Clients.
  • Fun-Loving - TGaS professionals value a healthy sense of humor, and always find ways to inject laughter and fun into our meetings, relationships and day-to-day activities.


Compensation and benefits are highly competitive and appropriate to the experience and capabilities of each candidate.

The position can range from a Service Manager to Service Director based on candidates experience and proven track record of performance.

Aside from a competitive compensation package and an outstanding and flexible environment, working at TGaS Advisors will afford associates:

Knowledge - associates working with TGaS will be exposed to a variety of operating models in the Industry as well as the successes and shortcomings of those models. Associates will have the benefit of true learning.

Experience - given the breadth and depth of the engagements and relationships TGaS has with clients, associates will gain an exponential amount of experience in a relatively short time.

Responsibility - being a small entrepreneurial company, which has already passed thru the start-up phase, associates will be given increasing amounts of responsibility which is uncommon in larger operating environments

Entrepreneurial Exposure - associates will be exposed to an entrepreneurial environment in which to learn and grow (and maybe someday start their own practice area). Working at TGaS is an ideal way to gain exposure to life-as-an-entrepreneur.

Network - associates gain access to senior executives on a frequent basis, and engage in meaningful exchanges with those executives.

If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume and cover letter, including a statement of interest and experience to Brian Dunworth

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